Due Spadi Foundations

Instructor(s): Devon Boorman


Instructor: Devon Boorman

Dual wielding is one of the most exciting and challenging disciplines of the Bolognese tradition. This workshop will help set you up for success by teaching you the foundational guards, defenses, attacks, and transitional movements with two weapons.

Students will learn:

  • How to defend and attack simultaneously.
  • Move between guards on the left and right with both swords, while maintaining threat and cover.
  • Employ crossed covers and collecting covers.
  • Transition between cuts, thrusts, and parries.
  • The 6 core transitional patterns that underly essentially every movement in the two-sword assaults and sparring.

Length: 3 Hours

Required Equipment: Fencing mask, gorget, gloves, two swords of any kind (two sticks will do as well)