Pietro Monte & the Bolognese Tradition

Instructor(s): Roberto Gotti


Before the Bolognese, there was Pietro Monte. This “master of all physical arts” was the first Italian to print a fencing manual for the public. While the masters from Bologna organized their material into coherent systems, Pietro Monte was notable for providing a few techniques for a large number weapons. For the two-handed sword the most notable feature of his style is the emphasis on rising cuts, an emphasis that Achille Marozzo will make much use of in his own style for the two-handed sword. Roberto Gotti will demonstrate the connection between Marozzo’s art of the Two-Handed Sword and that of Pietro Monte, most notably the use of rising blows as a primary attack, and how to utilize the wisdom of these masters in your own fencing.

Class Length: 90 Minutes

Required Gear: Mask, Gorget, Gloves, Two-Handed Sword (waster, longsword, spadone)