Sponsorship Opportunities

Exposure, Audience and Attendance

Depending on your choice of sponsorship option, exposure will occur both leading up to the event and throughout the Symposium itself, and can be expected to last well into the future as T-shirts and programs travel home with the attendees, together with their personal impressions and memories.

There are many exposure options to choose from. You may opt for inclusion in our advertising, which will have local, national and international distribution, since many instructors and attendees hail not only from North America but also from overseas. You may choose acknowledgement as a headlining sponsor in select television and radio media advertising and reporting on the event. Alternately you may want your presence to be felt at workshops, intensives, social functions, lectures, and round-table discussions throughout the Vancouver International Swordplay Symposium.

You will be reaching a wide and varied audience. Attendees are local and international students and enthusiasts of Swordplay and Western Martial Arts, members of Academie Duello and the event volunteers, as well as history buffs, actors and stunt people across the nation and overseas. As the Symposium will be broadly publicized, it will also include the general public who is interested in both the practical and academic aspects of swordplay, its history and other noble arts.

The expected attendance varies according to the program item. For the hands-on intensives, which run over the entire three days, approximately 150 attendees are expected. However, for the lectures, round-table discussions, social functions and skill demonstrations, approximately 500 attendees are anticipated.

Why Sponsor VISS?

The Vancouver Swordplay Symposium is a unique event that addresses a broad range of interests and people. Western Martial Arts is a diverse and rapidly growing field of study that appeals to all age groups and professions. This of course includes martial artists and history buffs, but extends to academics who are excited to actually apply many of the ideas and principles they have investigated, as well as actors and stunt people who are looking to make connections and learn new skills. And, needless to say, this event will attract those individuals who crave excitement, yet desire something that engages their minds as well as their bodies, along with anyone else who appreciates an environment where honour, integrity, courage and skill are the guiding principles.

Rediscovering the ideals of chivalry and discipline, and supporting those who seek to challenge themselves and grow through adversity reflects strong ethical and moral values that serve our culture well. Courage, determination and dedication are just a few of the characteristics an aspiring Western Martial Artist must possess – as Academie Duello’s motto states, Arte, Ardore, Onore: Skill, Passion and Honour – words to live and play by.

Levels of Sponsorship

There are multiple ways to engage your organization with the Vancouver International Swordplay Symposium. The following types of activities and exposure are available, depending on your level of commitment.

  • Promotional vendor presence at workshops and lectures
  • Product sales and distribution
  • Symposium schedule and website
  • Promotional posters, flyers and other marketing products
  • VISS attendee, staff, and volunteer T-shirts
  • Promotional advertising in print and radio
  • Contest/prize sponsoring

Symposium Partnership

For organizations interested in supporting the Vancouver International Swordplay Symposium as a facilitating sponsor, the Symposium Partnership is the ideal sponsorship option. Optimum exposure as a headlining supplier of venues provides your corporation with maximum exposure of your company name and/or logo, including a link on the VISS website, all VISS promotional material, the Symposium schedule and T-shirts. The partnership option also includes admission for 4 to the Saturday Night Gala and the closing event, as well as admission for 2 to select lectures and workshops.

Corporate Sponsors

Cash or in-kind sponsorship positions are available in the range of $500.00 to $1,000.00, which includes acknowledgement by name or corporate logo on the schedule, the website and T-shirts; a quarter-page ad in the event schedule; and 2 tickets to select lectures or workshops.

Media Sponsors

These sponsorships are available for select print and radio media. In exchange for announcements, coverage of, or advertising for the Vancouver International Swordplay Symposium, diverse exposure options can be arranged. Depending on your commitment, these may range from being featured on the VISS poster, the website or the VISS T-shirt to a combination of some of the above with admission to the Saturday Night Gala and the closing event or admission to select lectures or workshops.

On-site promotions/contest sponsors

If you are interested in exposure for your product and/or your company during select workshops, exhibitions or lectures at the Vancouver International Swordplay Symposium, or would like to make product donations toward contests and raffles, contact us to discuss the most appropriate arrangement for you.

Private Sponsors

For a donation of $250.00, you could become a sponsor of the Vancouver International Swordplay Symposium in exchange for acknowledgement by name on the VISS schedule and website, as well as the official VISS T-shirt.

Contact Us

Please contact us to discuss your requirements and ideas. We look forward to hearing from you and to assist you in developing the best way to represent your company’s ideals and products at the Vancouver Swordplay Symposium!

To inquire about these and other sponsorship opportunities please contact us at: sponsorship@vancouverswordplay.com.

Thank You

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