Equipment Rental Information

Look for updates to this page in the future. The East/West nature of the conference may include other non-western rental options.

Go to the Equipment Rental form here.

Do I need to reserve rental equipment before the symposium starts?
Yes! We have limited quantities of each item, so rentals will be on a first-come-first-served basis.

In order to reduce lineups and processing time during VISS, we are asking renters to pre-pay for their rentals with a credit card through the form on the website.  In the event that your requested item is already spoken for, you will be refunded the full amount for that item.

How much does it cost to rent items at VISS?

  • Mask & Gorget – $5 per day
  • Weapons – $10 per day (This is not for each weapon and you can swap out weapons between workshops for a single charge. You may only have one weapon at a time.)

Prices do not include tax (GST 5%).


Most (not all) of the workshops and intensives require a fencing mask and gorget (throat protection), this can be rented; there will be a limited supply of back of head protection that can be added to the fencing masks if needed for sparring or higher intensity drilling. Many workshops also recommend groin protection, chest protection, fencing jacket, and gloves. These items are not able to be rented although some instructors may have items that can be borrowed. Please approach them Friday morning before classes start if their class description on the website indicates that loaner equipment is available.


As this event is East meets West there will be folks coming with a variety of weapons and trying out new and exciting things with similar (but not the same) weapons. For this weekend and in the spirit of exploring new things and making learning accessible we created the table below to help indicate if a weapon can be rented, loaned, if there are acceptable alternatives, and if there is a cheap purchase. Metal, wooden, poly/nylon weapons are all acceptable. Rentals are done through the VISS website, if you rent a weapon for the day you can swap it between workshops for a different weapon. Loaner equipment that will be loaned as part of the workshop for use in the workshop itself will have no additional cost although there may be limited supply.

Equipment NameAvailable for Rent?Available as Part of Workshop/Class?Alternative?Place to Acquire Cheaply?Reference Notes
SideswordYesNoAny blunt single handed steel sword or wooden waster.
LongswordYesNoAny blunt two handed steel sword or wooden waster
SaberNoTBDSidesword, short rapier, light single handed cutting sword
SpearNoYesAny pointed polearm or a staffThe shaft can be acquired at a lumber store.
PartisanNoYesAny pointed polearm or a staffThe shaft can be acquired at a lumber store.
NeyzeNoYesAny pointed polearm or a staffThe shaft can be acquired at a lumber store.
KirpanNoNoAny curved or straight single handed steel sword or wooden waster
RondelNoYes12" wooden stick
28" Rattan StickNoYesNone. Academie Duello sells a few of these sticks at their store!
BokkenNoNoTwo handed steel or wooden straight or curved sword (longsword trainer can work with limitations)
RotellaNoYesAny shield with arm strapsRound piece of wood with bolted on webbing to hold on to.
BroadswordNoNoAny blunt single handed steel sword or wooden waster, including arming swords or sideswords
Arming SwordYesNoAny blunt single handed steel sword or wooden waster
Parrying DaggerYesNo12" wooden stick, training knife, wooden training dagger
ShamshirNoNoAny blunt single handed steel sword or wooden waster, including Arming swords or sideswords
Indonesian Short SwordsNoYesShort single handed steel or wooden sword trainers
Sharp LongswordNoTBD
Sharp One Handed SwordNoTBD
DussackNoNoShort single hand wood or synthetic training sword
BucklerNoYesSingle handed wooden or metal shield, with a handle in the center.Round piece of plywood plus sanding block handle.

Do I have to sign an agreement to rent weapons for VISS?
Yes, you will need to sign a rental agreement (with Academie Duello). The latter is an agreement between you (the loanee) and Academie Duello (the loaner) which states that upon receiving a damaged item, or an item not being returned, the loanee’s credit card can be charged post-event for the cost to fix or replace the item in question. When going through Orientation upon your arrival at VISS, you will be given the agreement to sign in person.

I don’t have a credit card. Can I still rent weapons and equipment?
Yes! Credit Card if preferred ,however, If you don’t have a credit card, you can email

Where and when will I be able to rent, pick up & drop off equipment during VISS?
Equipment rental, pick-up (Mornings) & drop-off (Evenings) table location will be at the Richmond Oval. Equipment that is rented will not be able to leave the Oval.

What are the late or damaged fees when returning equipment?
Your credit card will be charged $10 per item, per day, until the weapon is returned. If an item is returned damaged, you will be charged the full amount for the repair or replacement of the damaged or broken item. This amount will ultimately be based on the discretion of Academie Duello Ltd.