Intensive Descriptions Are Now Up!

One of the main things that sets the Vancouver International Swordplay Symposium apart from other events are our intensive workshop series’. Intensives allow you to work with one instructor on a single discipline or art for as many as 10 hours over the course of the VISS weekend. Further, to support this year’s theme “This vs This” we are linking intensives into paired tracks that will let you explore two dimensions of a given discipline or art.

This year’s intensive pairs include:

Vadi & Fiore (Italian longsword & related disciplines)

German Swordmanship Technical and Tactical (German longsword, messer & related disciplines)

Fabris and his legacy (rapier)

Grappling East & West, Armed and Unarmed (sword & unarmed)

Read full descriptions of the intensives on our schedule page!

Stay tuned as we begin to announce this year’s single topic workshops and lectures in the coming weeks!

Registration is Now Open!

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