Gunting & Santikan

Instructor(s): Claire Wen

Discipline: Any single-handed cutting weapon and secondary (second sword, dagger)

Exploring Scissoring Movements Across Multiple Weapon Categories through FMA Stick Techniques

Gunting and santikan, scissor-in and scissor-out movements, are fundamental elements of Filipino martial arts, distinguished by their unique emphasis on the simultaneous and independent use of both hands.  In this class, students will explore the principles and concepts of these scissoring movements, advance their ability to seamlessly coordinate both hands and discover the versatile application of gunting and santikan across various weapon categories – from single stick to double sticks and empty-hand combat – while refining their sills in triangle footwork for evasion and counters. Embrace the challenge and rewards of mastering this

hallmark of Filipino martial arts.

Students are kindly requested to bring two sticks to the class. However, a limited number of loaner sticks may be available upon request,

Equipment requirements: mask, gorget, sword and secondary