VISS schedule now available!

A preliminary workshop schedule is now available for the 2017 Vancouver International Swordplay Symposium. Click over to our workshops page to start planning which workshops you’d like to take!

VISS will take place over three days, February 17-19. The core of our schedule is made up of eight 3-day workshop intensive tracks. Each 3-day intensive is paired with another 3-day intensive of a similar subject, but from another region. For example, Christian Tobler’s medieval German intensive is paired with Devon Boorman’s medieval Italian intensive. On the third day, the two workshops will come together to teach a combined class, comparing and contrasting the two different arts.

We always try to encourage in-depth study at VISS, so we realize that many students want to completely immerse themselves in a particular subject. An aspiring longsword student might want to learn German technique from Christian Tobler and Italian technique from Devon Boorman. That’s why we’ve taken great care to craft the schedule so that there are no schedule conflicts between different sides of the same intensive. Likewise, if you want to attend every single intensive grappling session, you can!

Some details haven’t been finalized yet. For instance, our standalone workshops are not yet listed. However, we have assigned time slots to them in a new way. In previous years, students who attended the intensives didn’t always have time to attend the workshops that interested them. This year we have dedicated workshop time slots that do not conflict with any intensives for the first two days. As always, we’ll do our best to make sure there will be interesting options for every time slot!

Now that our location has been announced, our schedule is nearing completion, and most of our instructors are confirmed, we are approaching the end of our early registration season. Our 20% early registration discount ends on January 1, so take this opportunity to sign up for VISS 2017 at our registration page. See you in February!