VISS 2015 workshop schedule now available

We are happy to announce that a workshop schedule is now available on our workshop page! There are currently three levels of hands-on workshops available:

Multi-day intensive workshop series are comprised of three 3-hour sessions for a total of nine hours with the same instructor(s). We are currently offering four intensive tracks, each focusing on a different major branch of swordsmanship.

  • Italian dagger and longsword taught by Guy Windsor
  • German longsword, messer, and sword and buckler of the Liechtenauer tradition taught by Christian Tobler
  • Spanish/Iberian rapier and montante taught by Puck Curtis and Eric Myers
  • Italian rapier taught by Devon Boorman

3-hour workshops are standalone workshops examining a single subject in detail.
75-minute workshops are shorter workshops focused on narrower subjects.

In addition, we will soon be announcing master classes for advanced students, as well as a lecture series. Check back here for updates on both of these types of events!

Don’t forget that attendees who register before January receive an early registration discount! Head over to our registration page to sign up!