The Pen and the Sword: Swordplay Talk and Demonstration at the Vancouver Public Library!

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Throughout history swordplay has been in integral part of our storytelling. Whether it’s The Three Musketeers or Star Wars, the idea of characters duelling with swords is one that is firmly ingrained in our psyche and it’s also an idea worth exploring further.

This March 23rd in partnership with the Vancouver Public Library as part of their Author Readings series we’re going to do just that!

Join us along with authors (and Academie Duello students) C. C. Humphreys, Sebastien de Castell, and Kris Sayer as they discuss their personal experiences learning swordplay (and in one case spoonplay. Yes, you read that correctly.) as a way to enrich their storytelling.

The evening starts at 7:00 PM and will feature all three authors speaking as well as live demonstrations of swordplay. Whether you’re a fan of fiction, fantasy, history, swordplay, or any combination thereof it’ll be a great night for all, and another great event for those of you who are planning on !

You can check out all the details on Facebook or on the on the Vancouver Public Library website.

We look forward to seeing you there!