VISS 2015 is coming!

At long last, the 2015 Vancouver International Swordplay Symposium is coming! VISS has been scheduled for March 27-29. This year’s theme is “the pursuit of mastery,” events such as:

  • Hands-on workshops with a variety of world-renowned instructors from across North America and Europe.
  • A lecture track for those who want to understand the intellectual side of historical European martial arts
  • An instructor summit designed to bring instructors together and learn from one another
  • Private lessons for students who want to get the most out of their VISS training opportunities
  • An advanced workshop track for senior students to pursue mastery in their arts

VISS is an excellent opportunity to train with swordsmanship instructors from around the world! VISS only takes place once every two years, so please save the date and join us in March!