Thank you for making VISS 2013 a success!

Wow, it’s been nearly a month since the Vancouver International Swordplay Symposium, and we are so please that the event was such a success. We are so excited and proud to have such wonderful WMA/HEMA practicioners to share this diverse and beautiful passion with.

We welcomed instructors and attendees from around the world who sparred and learned with everything from two-handed weapons, weapons in both hands, wood and metal, four-legged creatures, and even unarmed fights. Phewf! And we still can’t wait for VISS 2015!

Check out some of the press we got:

Also, the VISS Board is still conducting a bit of minor housekeeping around here post-VISS:

Thank you to everyone who trekked from out of town; thank you to all attendees for spending the weekend at VISS; and thank you most of all for contributing your passion and spirit to VISS, helping us create such a wonderful community event.