Marco Quarta confirmed for VISS 2017

Marco Quarta will be joining us as an instructor for the 2017 Vancouver International Swordplay Symposium! Marco taught a variety of standalone workshops at VISS 2013 and 2015, and this time he’ll be teaching an intensive 3-day workshop alongside Tom Leoni, Matthew Howden, Christian Tobler, Ilkka Hartikainen, Jessica Finley, and more!

Marco is an instructor of Italian martial traditions, especially the arts of fighting with sticks, daggers, or knives. He is a senior instructor at Nova Scrimia and Maestro of Scrimia Scuola d’Armi, the historical fencing research group of Nova Scrimia. In addition, Marco has a background in a wide variety of martial arts, especially grappling arts, including Judo and Gracie BJJ.

Marco is a biomedical scientist at the School of Medicine of Stanford University. His research is focused on skeletal muscle physiology, biomechanics and on bioengineering of stem cells for regenerative medicine.

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