Tricia Dong

Tricia Dong is the founder and driving force behind Code 5 Fitness, where she serves as a registered Can-Fit-Pro Personal Fitness Trainer and head instructor of the Code 5 Fitness Police Training Program, which specializes in preparing law enforcement candidates for rigorous physical fitness requirements. She is also an accomplished kettlebell competitor having won numerous gold medals and esteemed certifications since 2006.

With a background spanning from police constable to park ranger, she brings a wealth of practical knowledge to her craft. Tricia’s martial arts disciplines include Police Judo, Filipino Martial Arts, Wing Chun, and Modern Cimande/Silat (Level 3 Guru). She regularly collaborates with mentors to offer comprehensive self-defense workshops, and is an instructor of TRICOM Fundamentals (Defensive Tactics) and USS-MCC Urban Survival Systems.

Code 5 Fitness’s reputation stems from Tricia’s commitment to functional movement training, catering not only to law enforcement but also to a diverse clientele.