Marli Vlok


Before joining Academie Duello in 2013, Marli had no experience in martial arts. She came from a competitive target shooting background, where she competed internationally for 11 years representing her home country of South Africa. While this crossover may seem tangential, it prepared her for the meticulous hard work and dedication required to continue on the path of martial arts mastery. Six and a half years later and you can easily describe her as a sword snob. She reveres the single rapier, but has been known to pick up other single-handed swords and secondaries. Marli has been teaching at Academie Duello since 2014 and loves sharing her enthusiasm for swordplay with her students. She finds teaching really rewarding and is looking forward to teaching at VISS 2020. Outside of the salle, you are likely to find here putting her PhD to work in the lab or chilling with the guinea pigs on the couch.