Eric Myers

Eric was certified as a Master at Arms in classical Italian fencing by the San Jose State University Fencing Masters Program in 2008, and is a cofounder of the Sacramento Sword School. He teaches classical and historical fencing, as well as fencing pedagogy through various channels including the Sonoma State University Fencing Masters Certificate Program. He has worked to expand the geographical reaches of the program through private students, both in person and through remote learning.

Maestro Myers began fencing in 1984, and researching Historical European Martial Arts in 1997. Since 2005 his historical research has focused on the martial arts of Spain and Portugal, and in 2010 he co-authored (with Steve Hick) a monograph and translation of the 17th century “Memorial of the Practice of the Montante” by Diogo Gomes de Figueyredo. Since then, he has continued his research and translation activities, and has co-authored or collaborated several books on Iberian fencing. He has taught from these and other works at several large, international WMA events.