Tactical Application of Marozzo’s First Assalto

Instructor(s): Scott Jeffers

Why did Achille Marozzo write his three Assalti for the two-handed sword? Was it simply to provide eye-catching demonstrations or was it to give the basis for a system of fencing? In the First Assalto we can get lost among the dazzling combinations of the wide play and forget that the maestro was writing for people whose life might depend upon what he was teaching. To make this connection Scott Jeffers is going to demystify the tactics that lie beneath Marozzo’s art, and specifically in how they appear in his First Assault for the Spada da Due Mani.

Class Length: 3 Hours

Required Equipment: Mask, Gorget, Gloves, Two-Handed Sword (waster, longsword, spadone)