Marozzo Due Mani — Third Assault

Instructor(s): Ken Harding


How to fight once the swords are crossed is essential knowledge. Marozzo said that it was the best part of fencing, and those who believe they are good fencers but don’t know it lack a solid foundation. Manciolino said that those who don’t know how to do it will be forced to retreat and show their ignorance of the art. This type of training was taught with the sword alone, the sword and buckler, polearms, and in this class taught by Ken Harding, you will see it done with two-handed swords. The techniques will be taken from Achille Marozzo’s Third Assault, and will provide you with the foundation on which you can build your close-quarters swordplay skills.

Length: 3 Hours

Required Equipment: Fencing mask, gorget, gloves, longsword/spadone/waster