Fencing at Night

Instructor(s): Marli Vlok

Discipline: Rapier

Sporting a rapier in the 17th century didn’t mean that you would use it in only ideal circumstances – sometimes the need would arise under the cover of darkness. In this class we will look at techniques one can employ when one’s vision is impaired. This will include the best techniques for fencing with a single sword at night, how to use a lantern to your advantage, and how to fence against an adversary with a lantern when you don’t have one.

Equipment requirements: single-handed thrusting weapon (rapier, smallsword, foil), Fencing mask, jacket, glove, gorget, Directional yellow/white light source (lantern, flashlight, bike light, headlamp – under 1000 lumens)

Note: Limited class size; Possibly not suitable for persons with light-sensitivity