Changes to VISS instructor lineup

We’ve got several big changes to our VISS 2017 instructor lineup to announce!

Unfortunately, Tom Leoni has had to withdraw from VISS. He will not be leading our three-day Italian rapier intensive, but the intensive will continue nonetheless. In his place, the Italian rapier intensive will be led by Maestro David Coblentz. Maestro Coblentz received his certification from the San Jose Fencing Masters Program and currently teaches Italian rapier at the Decator School of Arms in Decatur, Georgia. His Italian rapier intensive will maintain the 3-day format, with day 3 taught alongside day 3 of Matthew Howden’s Dutch rapier intensive.

In addition, we have two more instructors to announce: David R. Packer and Kaja Sadowski of Valkyrie Western Martial Arts Assembly will be joining us as VISS instructors! In keeping with our “This vs. That” theme, David and Kaja will be working together to instruct a two-part workshop on the differences between fighting in school settings versus fighting on the street. Part one will focus on grappling, then part two will apply the same approach to swordsmanship.

We’ll have more workshop details for you shortly, so stay tuned!