Tom Leoni confirmed for VISS 2015

For his third VISS in a row, Tom Leoni will be joining us to teach at VISS 2015! Tom is an internationally recognized teacher of Italian swordplay arts and the leading translator of historical Italian martial texts. His translations have greatly improved accessibility to the arts of Fabris, Giganti, Capoferro, Manciolino, and Fiore for English speakers. As a teacher, Tom is best known for his work with Italian rapier and Bolognese sidesword, both of which have been subjects of VISS workshops in previous years. At VISS 2011, Tom taught a series of workshops on Achille Marozzo and a workshop on Italian rapier and dagger. He returned in 2013 to teach a 3-part workshop on Italian rapier, which was likely the most popular intensive track of the event!