The VISS Unarmed Schedule

The 2017 Vancouver Swordplay Symposium is just one week away! Though symposium passes are sold out, our wait list is active, and our unarmed workshops still have open slots! In addition, audit passes and gala tickets are still available.

This year’s event schedule is carefully designed so that you can dive deeply into the subjects of your choosing with as few schedule conflicts as possible.

As an example, here’s what a unarmed combat-focused schedule could look like:


In the morning, you can start with day one of Marco Quarta’s Renaissance Italian grappling intensive. After that, join David R. Packer and Kaja Sadowski for “The Salle vs. the Street, Part 1: Grappling” to see how grappling technique can vary by context. After lunch, Jessica Finley is leading the first day of her German grappling intensive, focusing on the work of the 15th century master Andre Liegnitzer.


On day two, you’ll have two opportunities to train with Marco Quarta: once in the morning for day two of the Italian grappling intensive, then again after lunch for his workshop entitled “The Heart of the Lion: Unarmed vs. Knife.” After that, you can join Jessica Finley for day two of her German grappling intensive.


On Sunday morning, you have some interesting unarmed/mixed weapon choices! For a long workshop, join Mark Mikita’s “Problem Solving and Mindset in Asymmetrical Weapon Combat”. For a shorter workshop, you can choose “Patterned vs. Unpatterned Training Methodologies” with Guro E.W., training Southeast Asian flow drills with or without a weapon. After lunch, the two grappling intensives converge into a joint Italian vs. German grappling workshop, co-instructed by Marco Quarta and Jessica Finley.

In total, VISS 2017 offers over 21 hours of unarmed combat seminars in one weekend! This is our way of approaching a new level of depth in the seminar format, all in the pursuit of mastery.