Testimonials from VISS 2011

“Devon Boorman and the Academie Duello were amazing and gracious hosts, the organization of the event was top-notch, the Saturday Gala was a fantastic high class party, and most importantly, the students were highly skilled and really challenged the instructors to perform at their best. Academie Duello is a truly professional school, and the synergy between students and teachers is amazing. It is truly a model to be emulated in all respects. Thanks to all at Duello for a truly fantastic and memorable event!”
Sean Hayes, Maestro d’armi, Northwest Fencing Academy

“Devon Boorman’s school is *the* state of the art of a WMA facility today. This is a truly impressive facility.  A special mention must go to the gala. It took the idea of a WMA gala to such a high level.  I raise my glass to everyone who made this event ‘the one to beat’.”
Tom Leoni, Head Instructor, Order of the Seven Hearts

“Everyone at Academie Duello is incredibly positive, friendly, enthusiastic, and involved. The school is in the heart of historic Vancouver, and Devon has made the school part of the larger community. I also want to mention the students. They were highly skilled and a joy to teach. Furthermore, no event like this is accomplished without lots of volunteer labor, and the staff who organized and helped run the event did a truly fantastic and more than professional job.
Eric Myers, Instructor, Sacramento Sword School

“I wanted to thank Mr. Boorman, the VISS board and all the wonderful volunteers whose hard work behind the scenes made VISS such a wonderful event.  The event was a superb experience.  The quality of the facility, the knowledgeable and approachable instructors and the hardworking crew combined to make this an event that will stay with me for a long time.”
Pamela Muir, Chicago Swordplay Guild

“With all respect to San Francisco, I left my heart in Vancouver. The venue, the students, schedule… the volunteers. I just can’t believe that this was [VISS]’s maiden voyage. VISS ran with an efficiency that spoke to a much more established event. It also had a spirit that is hard to explain. If you want to see what WMA schools can be, you need to visit Academie Duello. Devon has built something that is at once professional, highly martial, cultural, educational and yet…family. That was all wonderful, and the sala is visually beautiful, but what impressed me is how much a part of a community the Academie is. I can’t say… how much I look forward to seeing you again.”
Greg Mele, Instructor, Chicago Swordplay Guild

“It was utterly jaw dropping how beautiful the school was, how enthusiastic everyone was, and how well they were trained… it was like hearing music played well. That’s the way the entire event played out on every level. The music was carefully arranged, the musicians all in their places, and then they all played their hearts out in a symphony of friendly violence. The entire team deserves credit for an event well run. If you are a martial artist anywhere near Vancouver you need to train with these people. The Art is in good hands.”
Puck Curtis, Instructor, Sacramento Sword School

“It was luminous time. Well done to all the staff and ten thousand thanks for allowing me to be a part of this grand occassion. To say I can’t wait for the next one would be the understatement of the decade.”
Christian Tobler, Instructor, Selohaar Fechtschule

“The whole event was beautifully organized, very informative and huge fun. Tom [Leoni] taught [his workshop] impeccably, with grace, humour and a fine balance between head and body. As a writer, I learned so much that could not be gleaned merely from books. How the weapons feel when used correctly, the philosophy behind the physical.”
C.C. Humphreys, Author