The Victorian Hotel is partnering with VISS

We’re pleased to announce that once again the Victorian Hotel is once again sponsoring VISS. If you’re joining us from out of town, consider staying with them, as they help support us!

Originally built in 1898 as one of the earliest guest houses in the city, The Victorian is a designated heritage site that features modern rooms and amenities with an old world charm. Located in the heart of Vancouver, the Victorian is walking distance to Academie Duello, transit, and many of Vancouver’s historic neighbourhoods. A complimentary continental breakfast is also included with your stay, and parking is available for a small fee.

There are two styles of room available to suit all budgets: B&B style (with shared bathrooms) or separate suites with private bathrooms.

To book your reservation you can email or call 1.877.681.6369, then simply mention that you are attending VISS 2017!

If you’re looking for something different, be sure to check out the Tourism Vancouver page for options ranging from hostels to 5 star penthouses, and feel free to ask us about accommodations and tourism when you register!