Planning in Full Swing for VISS 2013

Things have been a little quiet here from us on the VISS Board of Directors, but rest assured we’re working hard to bring you an amazing event in February 2013.

Registration will be going live in mid-October, with a short period of super early bird pricing, as well as early bird discounts until the end of 2012. Regular pricing will be in effect from January 1st onward.

We’re in the process of pinning down the location(s) required for the various workshops and lectures planned. Chris has been viewing a variety of spaces to ensure a top notch facility. Roland is working diligently on the program schedule. Aurelia and Devon recently spoke with someone (it’s a surprise!) about a VISS fundraiser event for December. And myself (Monica) and Greg (our designer) recently relaunched the VISS website with a new look for 2013.

To keep in the loop about all our activities, you have a few options: Facebook (for less frequent updates), Twitter (for tweety tweeting), or our Newsletter (new for this year) so you get a lovely email alert when important things happen (like registration going live, or the instructor schedule released).