Paul Wagner confirmed for VISS 2017

We are happy to announce that the final intensive instructor of the 2017 Vancouver Swordplay Symposium will be none other than Paul Wagner! Paul hails all the way from Australia, where he teaches at the Stoccata School of Defence. Paul is one of the leading authorities on historical British martial arts as well as an early interpreter of the MS I.33 German sword and buckler manuscript. Paul teaches subjects including George Silver’s single sword, Thomas Page’s highland broadsword, Joseph Swetnam’s rapier, sword and buckler according to MS I.33, and British methods of fighting with longsword and quarterstaff.

Paul has authored several books and articles, including Master of Defence: The Works of George Silver, Medieval Sword and Shield, and Highland Broadsword.

Other confirmed intensive instructors include Tom Leoni, Christian Tobler, Devon Boorman, Matthew Howden, Marco Quarta, Jessica Finley, and Ilkka Hartikainen.

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