Intensive Announcements! Early Bird Registration is Ending Soon!


Big News Everyone! 

The complete intensive tracks for VISS 2020, taking place March 6th to 8th, are here! Our theme this year is “East meets West”, and we have some of the world’s leading instructors of Eastern and Western martial arts offering their expertise in 3-day comparative intensive tracks (each track offers 9 hours with the same instructor). We’re proud to announce:


Keith Farrell

German Medieval Martial Arts Intensive


Kelly Maclean

Chinese Wushu Intensive


Puck Curtis & Eric Myers 

Spanish Destreza Intensive


Manouchehr M. Khorasani 

Persian Martial Arts Intensive


Dori Coblenz

Italian Renaissance Martial Arts Intensive


Jagjit Singh Nijjar

Indian Gatka Intensive


Stephen Hand

English Martial Arts Intensive


Mark Mikita

Filipino Martial Arts Intensive


In addition to the intensives we are excited to offer additional daily workshops and lectures on mechanics, tactics, and theory in Eastern and Western short blade, long blade, single and two-handed weapons systems with instructors including Maija Soderholm, Kimberleigh Roseblade, Diana Matthess, Mike Panian, and many more to be announced soon! We’re just getting started! 

VISS 2020 is a first of its kind opportunity to learn and explore diverse Eastern and Western disciplines from leading authorities and meet and share with practitioners of martial arts from around the world. Join us in Vancouver March 6th to 8th, 2020.