Manciolino’s First Assault for Sword & Buckler

Instructor(s): Ken Harding


The Sword and Small Buckler Assalti of Antonio Manciolino are outstanding examples of art and grace in the martial world, requiring refinement and discipline. To be able to perform even one of them is quite an accomplishment, and distinguishes a Bolognese fencer as worthy of admiration. Ken Harding will teach Manciolino’s complete First Assault for Sword and Small Buckler, providing everything you need to practice it once you get home. He will also demonstrate the combative aspects against an adversary, and discuss the principles and concepts that it contains.

Class Length: 3 Hours

Required Equipment: Fencing mask/helm, gorget, gloves, buckler, one-handed sword (rapier, sidesword, saber or arming sword.)