From Street to Mat

Instructor(s): Mike Panian

Disciplines: Unarmed, Grappling, Wrestling

This three-day workshop delves into the primal essence, tactical development, and strategic application of wrestling, tracing its roots back to 4500 BC and exploring its evolution across cultures as both a martial art and a sport.

Day 1 focuses on wrestling’s primal beginnings, emphasizing self-defence skills, stance optimization, and fundamental techniques like entering, control, penetration, and takedown.

Day 2 expands on these foundations by incorporating practices from diverse grappling systems such as jiu-jitsu, catch wrestling, judo, and more, aimed at enhancing stance, efficiency, sensitivity, and power.

Day 3 connects wrestling’s combative nature to its role in demonstrating prowess through sport, exploring various rule sets from sumo to judo and folkstyle wrestling, culminating in a tournament. Through this comprehensive exploration, participants gain a holistic understanding of wrestling’s depth, from its traditional techniques to its application in competitive settings.

Equipment Requirements: mat shoes