Announcing A Special VISS 2022 Event!

In 2020 VISS was the last North American martial arts event before the lockdowns of the pandemic. We made it in just under the wire! Normally we would be in the full throws of planning for a full VISS 2022 but to help give us all a bit more time to plan we’ve decided to push the main event to 2023 (yes we’re returning to the odd numbered years!). But don’t fret! We have decided to host a special “off-year” VISS, hosted at Academie Duello…

VISS is proud to present: The Quincentenary, A Celebration of Bolognese Martial Arts

The Quincentenary is a gathering of Western Martial Artists to commemorate the 500th anniversary of Antonio Manciolino’s Opera Nova, the first martial arts manual printed in the Italian Language. This event will take place February 18-20, 2022 at the beautiful Academie Duello in Vancouver, British Columbia. This event will be a deep dive into the Bolognese martial arts of the Renaissance and how to apply them in contemporary fencing.


There will be two tracks of classes:

Unlocking Bolognese Swordsmanship will be especially helpful to those new to this art. These classes will focus particularly on the physical side of Bolognese Swordsmanship, how to move your body, your weapon and more importantly, how to identify the proper moments to attack.

From Page to Application is intended for those familiar with the principles of Bolognese Swordsmanship. In these classes we will be seeking to apply the physical movements in free play across a variety of weapons, especially how we can apply principles from one weapon to another.

Tournaments, Sparring, and Exploration

Open Floor. On the night of Friday, Feb 18th, participants will be invited to spar, practice, and explore with one another. An evening of all you can eat steel and camaraderie!

Exposition of Arms – Accolade Tournament. On Saturday, Feb 19th, we will feature the Bolognese Exposition of Arms. This will be a mixed discipline accolade tournament modelled on the sala gatherings of 16th century Italy. Participants will be encouraged to fence with as many others as possible and to explore and display their arts. This tournament does not focus on scoring points, instead each participant is the judge of the others. At the end of the evening votes are cast and awards given for the fighter who displayed the best application of the art, physical prowess, and chivalry.

Working Groups. At Lunch Times and on the night of Sunday the 20th, participants will have the opportunity to participate in translation and interpretation working groups. These are opportunity to dive into the interpretive process with experts from around the world. A myriad of topics will be explored including the following:

  • Falso Impuntato
  • Tramazoncello
  • Roverso Trivillato


For those more interested in the academic side or sitting down and taking a break we will also feature lectures on pedagogy, interpretation, historical context, Bolognese fencing theory and more.


We have lined up an international slate of the foremost Bolognese instructors including Devon Boorman (Canada), Roberto Gotti (Italy), Ken Harding (USA), and Robert Rutherford (USA). Stay tuned for full details about these exciting instructors and more to be announced soon!


Registration is now open. There will be limited space at this event, which is taking place exclusively at Academie Duello, be sure to grab your space now!

Register here!