New instructors for VISS 2017

Rob Rutherfoord of Forteza Fitness
Rob Rutherfoord of Forteza Fitness
We have several new changes to announce for the VISS 2017 instructor lineup. Unfortunately, Ilkka Hartikainen has been forced to withdraw from VISS for personal reasons. However, our Bolognese intensive continues nonetheless! We are happy to announce that Rob Rutherfoord will be leading our 3-day Bolognese swordsmanship intensive!

Rob is an instructor with the Chicago Swordplay Guild, teaching at Forteza Fitness in Chicago. Rob is a great fit for our “This vs. That” theme, as he has experience not just with Bolognese swordsmanship, but with the arts of George Silver and Joachim Meÿer as well.

In accordance with this year’s theme of “This vs. That,” all of our three-day intensives are arranged in pairs. Rob Rutherfoord’s Bolognese intensive will be opposite Paul Wagner’s British single sword intensive, which means that Rob and Paul will come together on day 3 to teach a joined class to compare and contrast their two approaches.

Sean Hayes of Northwest Fencing AcademyIn addition, we are also happy to announce that Maestro Sean Hayes will be joining us as a workshop instructor! Sean is the head instructor at Northwest Fencing Academy in Eugene, Oregon, where he teaches subjects including the martial art of Fiore dei Liberi as well as classical Italian fencing in the Gaugler tradition. This will be Sean’s third VISS after teaching workshops at VISS 2011 and 2013. At those events, he taught such as including classical Italian dueling sabre and angled thrusts in Fiore’s art of the longsword.

Rob Rutherfoord and Sean Hayes are the latest additions in an instructor roster which includes Tom Leoni, Matthew Howden, Jessica Finley, Marco Quarta, Devon Boorman, Christian Tobler, Paul Wagner, and Mark Mikita.

Early registration ends on January 1, so take this opportunity to register for your tickets to receive a 20% early registration discount!