Scott Jeffers

Scott Jeffers has studied historical fencing for over 10 years and is a Scholar of both Armizare and Kunst des Fechtens. He started at the Milwaukee Swordplay Academy with Karl Jacobs, trained with James Reilly of Goliath Historical Fencing Academy and continues with the Chicago Swordplay Guild under Greg Mele, John O’Meara and Rob Rutherfoord.

Scott has participated in Midwest Historical Fencing League tournaments and medaled in Longsword, Sword Alone and Sword and Buckler. In 2019 he was an instructor at Michigan SparBQ and the Western Martial Arts Workshop. Recently he’s taught Fiore at the Ars Gladii Open and Marozzo and the Anonimo at the Texas Sword Retreat.

While he is a Fiorist at heart his focus recently has been the mid 16th century Bolognese masters, specifically the Primo Assalto of Sword in Two Hands of Achille Marozzo. Scott takes the comparative approach to swordsmanship and believes each master and manuscript give us a piece of the art which we can use to build a more complete science of defense.