Brittany Reeves


Brittany Reeves is the Head Instructor and Co-founder of Mordhau Historical Combat in Arizona, USA. After earning her Bachelor’s Degree in Ancient and Medieval History from the University of Calgary, she began training seriously in Historical European Martial Arts. She has since become a multi-medalist in longsword, ringen, glima, and cutting, and has earned international recognition as a sought after instructor. Cutting has been Brittany’s main focus in recent years, she is the Event Coordinator for the Valley of the Sun Cutting Tournaments (the only HEMA event that is entirely dedicated to competitive cutting), and she is currently the most decorated female competitive cutter in the HEMA community. Her work in KdF sword and buckler has also been internationally recognized, earning her a spot on both Team North America and Team Nordic for the European Games 2019 in Belarus, as well as having taught several KdF Sword and Buckler seminars in North America. Find her on Instagram at @saint.leafy