VISS 2020 Martial Arts Share and Open Sparring

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Join the students and instructors of VISS for an open evening of relaxed sparring and interdisciplinary sharing. This is an opportunity to meet people from other schools, share what you learned during the day’s workshops, and partake in some exploration through sparring and exercise.


Sparring and Exercising Rules

VISS brings together practitioners from many different schools and backgrounds. All sparring is done at your own risk. Please review the general Academie Duello sparring conventions. These are to be followed at all times.


Before sparring or exercising with someone:


  1. Agree on the conventions of your sparring/exercising. This includes speed, equipment used, and expectations of contact level and goals.
  2. Ensure that the appropriate protective gear is being used for the weapons and speed.
  3. Ensure that the weapons being used are safe, made for practice, and undamaged.


Control and responsible practice is expected at all times.


Slow Sparring Introduction

On Friday night we will be running a 30 minute introduction to slow fencing at 7:30pm. Slow fencing is a form of sparring where participants act at a reduced speed with a focus on position and control. It’s a great way to integrate new skills, build strategy, and create a safe environment for new martial meetings.