Philippines and Spain – Martial Influences

Instructor(s): Maija Soderholm , Private: Puck Curtis , Private: Eric Myers , Private: Mark Mikita


In 1519 the Portuguese explorer, Ferdinand Magellan, led a Spanish expedition to circumnavigate the world.  On March 15, 1521 they found the Philippines and a clash of cultures and beliefs almost immediately followed resulting in bloodshed.  On the 27th of April the native people of the Philippines fought and repelled the Spanish in the Battle of Mactan which resulted in the death of Ferdinand Magellan and represents a point of violent first contact between these two cultures.

Join a collection of experienced martial arts instructors for a collaborative lecture about Spanish and Filipino fighting arts.  Together the presenters will examine similarities and differences between these two traditions as they talk about their systems, the theory, and the potential intersections.  The discussion will cover attacks, defense, timing, strategy and tactics. Instructors will have time to speak on each subject and may demonstrate technique for the attendees.