Meyer’s Four Fencers: Organizing Meyer’s Four Types of Fencers by Their Relationship to the 5 Words and the Times of the Fight (Onset and War)

Instructor(s): James Reilly


This class will describe and work through the basic elements of Joachim Meyer’s four types of fencers. In the conclusion of his rapier section of the Art or Combat, Joachim Meyer broadly describes four types of fencers. Each of these fencers can be thought of a approaching the fight with a particular mindset, and their relationship with the KDF tactical framework can be conceived of in distinct ways. Meyer says that his readers should be able to move between roles and mindsets, but clearly views some types as more or less preferable. This class will explore the various types and describe them in terms we are familiar with.

Equipment Requirements

Fencing Mask, Gorget, Gloves, and a Longsword, Dussack, Rapier or Staff.