Getting Past the Point: Rapier for the Vertically Challenged

Instructor(s): Jennifer Landels


Building on last year’s ‘Teaching Every Body’, this workshop will focus on how to overcome the toughest challenge shorter fighters face: getting close enough to strike without being hit.  We’ll begin with strategies to succeed within the confines of Capo Ferro’s true fight, examine ways to make Fabris work in our favour, and then cherry-pick some sidesword and longsword techniques that throw a wrench into the plans of the longest lunger.  Although this workshop will focus primarily on rapier, many of the strategies can be applied to other other weapons.

The first hour will be class time and the second will be a chance to head out onto open floor for some coached sparring to put the techniques to work.
Equipment Requirements: Rapier or sidesword, dagger, mask, gloves, gorget. Sparring protective gear recommended for those wanting to drill or spar at higher speeds and intensities.