Duck and Cover: Voids in Rapier Fencing

Instructor(s): Marli Vlok , Adrian Jones


Avoiding your opponent’s sword by moving your body offline can be risky, but if done right carries great reward. This 90 min class will explore the use of voids in rapier fencing, or simply put, getting past the point of the sword by dodging out of the way. Starting with mechanics, we will apply these voids in several plays and wrap it up with a brief introduction to countering voids. This class will focus on the use of voids based on Italian rapier treatise but we aim to make this class accessible to martial artists of all ranks and backgrounds and we’d love to see students take this material and apply it to their various arts.

Equipment Requirements

Fencing Mask, Gorget and a Rapier (or similar thrusting weapon). Chest protection is encouraged but not required.