Double Sword of Ancient Siam (Krabi Krabong)

Instructor(s): Private: Loki Jörgenson


Born of open-field combat from a period when Siam (Thailand) was routinely at war with Burma during the 16th to 19th centuries, Krabi Krabong is a traditional weapon art still practiced in Thailand. It features various weapons such as single and double sword, sword and shield, forearm shields/clubs, spear, staff, halberd, and sabre. Its brutal effectiveness and overall intensity stand out in the weapon arts. Krabi Krabong is to fencing as Muay Thai is to kickboxing – the fight is taken up a notch in ferocity and physicality.

This seminar will introduce the participants to the structure, striking style, and application of the primary weapon – the double sword (dha/daab). Some attention will be given to both practical fencing as well as the traditional training forms or dances (ram).