Audatia & The Dagger

Instructor(s): Kimberleigh Roseblade


When a dagger is in play Fiore says that you have no other choice but to be bold and you must go at it with everything you have. Like the ardent lion, you must be courageous (“I welcome all to meet me in battle.”) and it is here where we harness Audatia. You cannot be passive- you do not have the luxury of distance for that. You cannot be meek or unsure of your actions- you do not have the luxury of time for that. The dagger moves quick. The dagger plays in very close space. In this workshop students will learn to become more comfortable performing aggressive defenses through a series of escalation games that puts into context the true nature of the dagger and how the weapon was used.

Equipment Requirements

Fencing Mask, Gorget, Dagger to start, and as the drills become quicker and more aggressive a padded fencing jacket, or gambeson would be heavily advised.